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“One does not become enlightened by envisioning images of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

~ C. G. Jung



Hello and welcome!

This website is dedicated to providing insights, support, and encouragement for those who are on transformational journeys.

Through my own transformational journey, I have come to understand much about healing, self-realization, and what the “peace that passes understanding” actually means. Those understandings have changed the course and path of my life; and my heart is filled with gratitude. My hope is that I can share with you what experience has revealed to me about personal and spiritual transformation.

When you visit this website, you will always find positive, uplifting content. While some of the subject matter is more challenging than others, the goal of this work is to equip and inspire you to release what no longer serves you and to embrace your most authentic Self. What you take away from the content you find here will be up to you.

Every experience we have in humanity affects the soul’s evolution.

There are many ways to have experiences with other people in Life. This site is just one of them.

Also, I hope you’ll check out the “About the Book” page to learn more about my first book, Taming The Invisible Dragon. 

If you’re using a mobile device, you may need to scroll down, below all the comments, to see the menu bar. There, you’ll find the link to recent posts and other site features.

Thanks again for stopping by and enjoy!



Mahatma Gandhi once challenged us all to “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  That statement requires a lot of us. We cannot change anything we do not understand. We cannot understand anything without changing.

© 01/31/2013


  1. Jacki

    Well I just read your introduction. So many facets I can relate to. You taking the time to write, document, blog means so much to many, and especially to me. To learn, and respect what you learn, is an amazing feat in ones lifetime. I stay happy and enjoy life because there are people like you teaching me new things every day. I’ll be following so keep writing xx

  2. Sloan, I read the AMS Daily blog, and read your comment for today, which lead me to your blog. What you write about yourself, and the journey we take in life is really beautifully said and shared. I certainly will be taking a look around your blog. Thank you for your inspiring words. Blessings, Erin, Bella Bleue

    • Stephanie, I was looking over the site; and it seems like I missed responding to your thoughtful and kind comment. Please accept my apology. Thank you, so very much, for reading and commenting. May you have a beautifully blessed and joy-filled day, today and every day!
      Love & Light,

  3. Hi Sloan! I am so blessed to have crossed paths with you :) I so enjoy reading what you have to share and wanted to thank you with the Reader Appreciation Award. I also am so grateful for the support you offer me and want to share with you the Sisterhood of the World Blogger’s Award. Congratulations! It is fun to share this with you! http://bellableue.com/2012/06/11/gratitude-for-wonderful-bloggers-and-appreciation-for-awards/ Blessings always, Erin

  4. I just came across your site after seeing you mentioned in my twitter feed – I’ve just started to blog but as a photographer it is more a photography blog of my work. Photography has given me the ability to connect with myself but also share these connections and visions with others, it’s a passion to share what others may not see or take for granted. I wish you the best and I’ll be following along

  5. Thanks Ed! The next time you stop by, consider subscribing for new posts via email (Follow box on left). I took a look at your site. Such beautiful photos! You have an incredible gift. I encourage everyone to stop by and take a look at your work. http://02809photo.com/

    I hope to be in a position to acquire one of the prints myself soon.
    Many blessings,

  6. Thank you Sloan I will be sure to do that, I book marked the site as well. Thank you for the kind words, just a real connection to my work and love having the ability to share it with everyone. Thanks again and I’ll be clicking for updates. Enjoy the day

  7. Thank you for following and sharing your blog with me. I’m always inspired by other people digging deeper into their spiritual journeys! If we can spread caring, love, understanding, and a deeper spirituality, maybe little by little we can heal and change the world.

  8. Very inspiring blog theme! The source of inspirational thoughts emanate from your own experience – as such they are authentic and transformational.

    Will explore more of your writings with interest. Thank you.


    • Thank you so much for reading and for your kind and supportive comments! Enjoy taking a look around and hope to connect again. Many blessings, love & light, Sloan

    • Thank you so much for your kind support! While I am humbled and grateful for the nomination, I stopped accepting blog awards some time ago. However, congratulations to you on your much deserved nomination! The other blogs you nominated look very interesting and I would like to help pass them along to readers. As such, I’ll be reblogging your post on my other site, Fibrohappiness, for all to read and enjoy! Blessings, love & light, Sloan

  9. It’s a wonderful experience reading the words of people who have realized themselves. I too am slowly realizing myself and your blog inspires me to take it to perfection.

    • I am so glad you stopped by and that you have enjoyed what you’ve found. Many blessings to you and all you do as you carry the light of love out into the world and inspire those with whom you come in contact. Namaste, Sloan

  10. Stefan,

    Thank you, so very much, for this much needed and timely affirmation that I am still on the right path. My heart is filled with joy, and my spirit infused with renewed inspiration.
    Many Blessings to you! And thanks again!

  11. Sloan,
    It is a journey, isn’t it? I developed chronic pain 18 years ago which has prodded me toward a journey toward enlightenment. The very thing which should have created depression eased mine, nudging me toward a greater understanding of myself and the Universe. Thank you for sharing your insights.

    • Sherry, someone told me once that “by the time our body gets sick, it’s too late to ignore what really ails us.” It is a beautiful thing to be able to take what others might see as tragedy and turn it into something fruitful. I’m grateful for the connection we now have and hope to see you back soon. Blessings, love & light, Sloan

  12. Hey Miss Sloan, I was finally able to accept your award on today’s blog. I apologize that it’s not the usual format. Thank you so much for thinking of me. Blessings to you in the New Year.

  13. Thank you for following my blog. ‘The island’? Where am I? Which island?
    As you may have gathered, I specialize in Norway and Norwegian nature, and I hope you’ll be pleased with what I’m about to show you over the next weeks and months. Take care!

    • Well, that certainly put a smile on my face! I love your site, as well. Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words. You are a Beautiful Soul! Many blessings, S

    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting! There are a lot of people out there who are positive; and there are many who are in transition. The old paradigms simply aren’t working anymore; and, collectively, we’re ready for a new attitude. If you’re interested, I maintain another blogsite — Fibrohappiness (www.fibrohappiness.com), which provides a great format for me to share the work of some like-minded, positive, insightful, and inspirational blogger buddies. Also, there’s always something positive on the Facebook Fan Page. Again, thank you for your kind support; and hope to see you back soon!
      Blessings, Love, & Light,

  14. Lovely Blog Sloan.

    I’m a student of Yeshua, the mystical Jewish Nazarene, aka Jesus Christ. Christianity has unfortunately denied its own mystical roots and past.

    Folk are so yearning for reconnection to and the wholeness of Divine Love.

    May those who visit here be inspired on their journey!



  15. Another excellent reflection. You have done much work on yourself, yet as we expand, there is always another level. The challenge is to be happy with who we are at the moment yet still striving to improve. It sounds as if you practice that realization.


    • Well said, Sherry! The journey is always ongoing. I suppose that is what makes Life such an adventure. I always appreciate your insightful and kind comments. Thanks for stopping by today! Blessings, Love, & Light, Sloan

  16. Thanks for connecting me; I was only going to say thanks then felt your energy and had to open your blog & have a look.
    If I just read your intro I may have surmised you haven’t been on this journey to long but I felt this wasn’t right, now I see you have been exploring a long time.
    Personal work is worth it isn’t it? Great touching base.

    • David, thank you for stopping by, reading, and commenting. We do all learn, as we Live. And sharing as we go is a great way to avoid the self-deception that so often accompanies hindsight. Being students and teachers alike, we are of the greatest service to one another when we dare to reveal our humanity. I enjoyed your post “WE All Make Mistakes” (http://www.consciousactivations.com/we-all-make-huge-mistakes/#.UQP3a79fAYQ).

      I look forward to learning more from you and your experiences as you continue sharing your humanity with all of Us.
      Namaste, Sloan

    • Thank you! And I am so glad we’ve made the connection! Hope to see you back soon; and I’ll be following your blog for more beautiful poetry. Love & Light, Sloan

      • I do enjoy the poetry; and I will likely write more in the future. Your encouragement is inspiring! We shall see how it all unfolds. Have a beautiful week! S

    • That’s wonderful! I believe there should be more poetry in the world today. Please let me know when your book will be available. I read some of your work on your site; and you certainly have a gift for turning words into art. A few of my poems are on the poetry page here; and I have a few poems posted on Yahoo contributor. My book will be finished soon; and I plan to spend some time creating more poetry. Thank you for your interest and encouragement. I sincerely appreciate it. Have a beautifully blessed day!

  17. My truth of enlightenment, is when we arrive at that place, where the imperfections of the world no longer affect us. Where we are in Our alignment with Source Energy or God. “Our alignment” meaning, surrounding one’s self good feelings, happy people and situations… where heaven on earth is a state of mind, and you’ve entered it. Everything perceived, comes through that lens. This to me is enlightenment.

    • Beautifully spoken, Christopher! Thank you, so much, for stopping by and leaving such lovely and inspiring comments. Hope to see you back soon.
      Love & Light,

  18. I too aspire. As I walk my journey I seek to understand all that I can, and the biggest lesson I have learned so far is learning to look within. Awareness in general, actually is key. Learning to see the signs, the symbolism as I bravely peel back the layers that are me.

    Thank you, I look forward to following you.

  19. yo tambien estoy en esa busqueda estoy en el proceso de ser iluminado y sanado gracias, por que estamos en lo mismo pero primero tengo que irradiar luz me gustan muchos estos temos nuevamente gracias

    • Gracias por visitar este sitio y hacer comentarios. Todos estamos en el proceso de la iluminación, y aprendemos a medida que avanzamos. Espero que las cosas aquí que te ayudarán en tu viaje, y espero que usted comparta con los demás, a medida que crecen y se transforman en todo lo que son capaces de ser. En Amor y Luz, Sloan

  20. Well this is certainly a blog I’ll keep an eye on! Your layout it beautiful, your background looks splendid and you seem like you’re going to offer a lot of philosophical and “outside the box” posts.

    • Thank you, so much! I’m glad you visited and enjoyed what you found here. I’m on a break for now, but I hope you’ll consider subscribing so that you can receive future posts when I return. In the interim, have a beautifully blessed day – today and every day. Sloan

  21. Heather

    Just reading your introduction is so uplifting, Sloan. I know I need to write more to help get rid of my anger issues. Right now, it’s hard with a small toddler but I wouldn’t change a thing! Since I’m not writing, I look to writers such as yourself who inspire me, so thank you!

    • Thank you, Heather. I’m glad you found something here that you enjoyed. I’m on a short break, but there are plenty of posts up. I hope you’ll browse around. I also hope to see you around the site again. Many blessings to you and your little Angel! Do what makes your soul sing, whatever that might be.
      Love & Light, Sloan

  22. I enjoyed reading this page of yours and I share similar goals to you regarding enlightenment, healing, and understanding.

    And I love the title of your blog!

    • Thank you, Lila, for reading and commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed what you found here, and I hope to see you back soon. Many Blessings, Sloan

  23. Good Meet Sloan! I offer my gratitude for your coming by my blog today and your “like” on my post. I am just as glad to have been led to your blog too. I look forward to poking around and reading! We have a great deal in common…and I hope to see you around my blog as well. It is wonderful to find another of like mind. May your day bring you Many Blessings!

    • Thank you, very much, for stopping by, reading, and commenting! I’m happy we’ve connected and will be following your blog too. Have a beautifully blessed day! Sloan

  24. Love some of your spiritual stuff&sensitive stuff too! Like to hear more!might help me in some way! You never know! Sometimes you come across stuff for a reason! Many thanks! Glenda

    • Glenda,
      Thank you for reading and commenting! Glad you enjoyed what you found here, and I hope to see you back soon. Many Blessings, Sloan

  25. How delightful to have found your posting… your journey sounds very familiar (hmm…). :) Anyway, so glad I popped in and looking forward to seeing more – Life’s a wonderful journey, I’m finding…

    • Life is, indeed, a wonderful journey. There are many of us in transition today; and it is a beautiful experience to be part of the transition team. Isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by and reading. Hope to see you back soon! Many Blessings, Sloan

    • Thank you! I just visited your FB page, and it’s delightful. Liked. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed what you found here, and I hope you’ll consider subscribing so that you can receive new posts via email. Many Blessings, Love & Light, S

  26. Loved the post.

    But the truth remains that embracing Change is easier spoken of than done. Change, by its very nature, would shift us into an unknown and uncomfortable space. So what really is needed to sustain and go forward? To me this comes from a crystal clear vision and a passion to achieve. How many of us hold an alignment of these two aspects in our lives?


  27. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

  28. Hi Sloan, I loved your blog shares today. Thank you for following me and now I’m following you! I really love WP and all the wonderful talented people such as yourself! Have a wonderful evening or day depending on where you are on this great planet!

  29. I liked your quote on there is nothing new under the sun but the telling differs. It is the same old same old and that gives us continuity. We do not like rapid changes and find them unsettling.

    • There are certain principles of Life and living that are timeless. When we share our unique perspective on these principles, we give them a freshness that adds something of value to the whole. Thanks for reading and commenting! Have a great day!

  30. I feel I am being introduced to you Sloan at the perfect time in my life. I look forward to future posts and will introduce you to my husband as well. Thank you. :)

    • LuAnn, I’m so glad you found something here that resonates with you. Thank you for reading and commenting! I look forward to seeing you around the site. Many Blessings, Love & Light, Sloan

  31. You are a gifted and a talented personality. I am glad you liked my post ‘Life’. Thank you very much for your kind appreciation. Some time earlier in my blog, I tried to inspire and impress the person like ‘You’, through my staggering writing skills. Link is given here, below. Just find out, if it is effective and worth while. Share it with others, as many as you can. It is a ‘Need’ of the hour. And, You have the powers…!

  32. Thank you for reading and for your kind comments. From what I’ve seen of your blog, you share positive and inspirational ideas and insights with others. It is a wonderful privilege for us to be able to spread a little light in the world. Many Blessings to you and all you do! Sloan

  33. Reread your blog. I loved the concept “nothing new under the sun just the way it is said.” It reminds me of something a professor told the class once a long time ago. There are only twenty seven topics of fiction books, but a hell of a lot of variations. I see you are into inspiration, if you get chance read my humble blog on my grandson, Michael, who survived brain cancer at the age of two. I think you might like it. Get back to me if you can.

    • I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the blog posts. I’m following your blog in my reader. If it’s not too much trouble, however, will you post the link to the article you mentioned above – so that everyone can see it? Have a beautiful weekend! Sloan

      • I am illiterate as far as how to do that is concerned. I apologize but I learned the computer by pure necessity. However I e-mailed it to you and give you permission to use it any way possible. My son shaves his head once a year for cancer. I would do the same but last time I looked there was nothing up there. I would be honored for you to let me know what you think of the blog. Sincerely, Barry By the way on my blog is a story I think you might like called Love and a Stamp. It is how I met my wife forty years ago. I think you might like it.

    • Thank you, Warren! I’m so glad you enjoyed what you found here; and I hope to see you around the site again soon. Have a beautifully blessed weekend! Sloan

  34. Heidi Carr

    Sloan, all I can say is THANK YOU for walking up to me in church today. You are such an amazing woman…and I have not been able to put your book down today! Thank you again. I look forward to having some coffee or tea with you soon.
    Heidi Carr

    • Heidi, I’m glad we finally met met too; and I’m looking forward to getting together. I might even splurge and get a large Mocha! Many Blessings, Love, & Light to you! See you soon! S
      P.S. I’m glad you’re enjoying the book. :)

    • Thanks for reading and for your comment! You might be interested in my post “What do YOU want?,” as it seems we share the same perspective on the matter. Have a beautiful day! S

  35. Sloan

    Just want to thank your personally for supporting my writing with your purchase and for your consistent RTs and mentions on twitter. Your can count on me for help in any way I can provide it.

    Thanks again

    Bill Cronin

    • Thank you, Bill! I appreciate your taking the time to stop by and browse the site. If you enjoy what you find here, I hope you’ll share Taming The Invisible Dragon with others who might be interested in healing, happiness, and self-realization. Many Blessings to you and all that you do! Sloan

  36. I finished reading your book late Saturday evening. It did speak volumes of wisdom to me and your observations on depression and healing were accurate to my own experiences. (And probably to a lot of us, as well) I do hope you consider writing another book. To me, at least, the topic of self-transcendence would be a nice topic–but that is your choice.

    All the best


    • Thank you for your kind words, John. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. There will be another book. It will be just as interesting for me as anyone else to see how it develops. Have a beautiful weekend! Blessings, Sloan

  37. As always, a lovely read. Really inspiration and so much to relate too. You’ve made my day brighter ^.^

    (New to WP so if you get a mo, pop over to my Sex & the City esq type dating blog and check it out/follow. :) Thanks!)

    • Thank you Laurer for reading and commenting! I’m glad you enjoyed what you found here and hope to see you around the site again soon. Have a beautiful day! Sloan

  38. Xena

    Sloan, thanks for visiting my blog, Blackbutterfly7. Nice meeting you. I hope to become better acquainted with your blog.

  39. Sloan I forgot to mention it sooner! You and your blog’s transition to a self-hosted site is wonderful. I’m happy to have entered my email to be sure I don’t miss a thing :) . Warmest wishes for an ongoing joyful journey. Thank you for sharing your lovely light in the world. Your wise writing always brightens my day.
    With brightest blessings, Gina xo

    • Sloan Rawlins

      Thank you, dear Gina, for your lovely & kind comments. Moving to self-hosting has been a little challenging, but I believe I’m getting the hang of it. You know how much I love your blog, and I’m happy we connected, here in the blogosphere. :) Love & Light, Sloan

    • Thank you, dear Stefan! You are such a kind soul. And congratulations again to you. You certainly do spread peace, joy, hope, and love with your beautiful poetry. I hope you have a wonderful day too! Namaste, S

  40. Rosalind

    Hello Sloan … I came across your site Thru viewing a mutual Friends FB page… & I’m glad I did! Thank you for your inspiration, insights , wisdom & just sharing- I am always open to learning & passing on nuggets of inspiration to others ! Thank you for ALL that you do and I want to continue to follow your site

    • Rosalind, I’m so glad you enjoyed what you found here on TTID. We are, indeed, all in this together. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment, and I look forward to seeing you around the site in the future. Have a beautiful day! Sloan

    • Thank you, Francine, so much. Your story and how the book helped you brought tears to my eyes. You are a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing yourself and your Light with all of us. Many Blessings, Love & Light to you!

  41. Hi Sloan,
    Thanks for stopping by my company blog at projectmavens.com a few weeks back. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the follow. Looking forward to staying in touch.

    • WordPress.com Support

      Thanks for stopping by TTID, Deborah. If you enjoy what you find here, I hope you’ll consider subscribing. Generally, I only release one new post per week. Have a beautiful day! Sloan

  42. Interesting story. Why is there no option for me to “follow you” since this is a WP blog? Instead of subscribing with my email address? I don’t prefer to subscribe using my email and often, the way I have my email set up (on purpose), it would go into social or trash and not main folder.
    Sending love and light your way!

    • WordPress.com Support

      Thanks for stopping by, Anna. I believe it’s because my site is self-hosted. In any event, I appreciate your visiting this site, and I hope to you’ll visit again soon. Many Blessings, Sloan

  43. camille martinez

    Good evening,
    I met you today, and absolutely enjoyed our conversation. And so I linked to your website. And now absolutely enjoying your writing Please keep writing. And enjoy your future travels. Blessings,


    • It was wonderful to meet you, Camille. And I’m glad you enjoyed the posts you read. I hope you’ll consider subscribing so you can get new posts. Take good care of you, and please do look me up when you visit PR. Many Blessings, Sloan

  44. Thank you for care concern of other human beings. you are a kind soul and am sure once i visit the site you have suggested i will benefit a lot. thanks for sharing

    • Thom,

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the book; and thanks, so much, for visiting the site.
      I’ll take a look at the info you sent. Have a great weekend. And I look forward to seeing you on one of your next visits.
      Heart & Warmth,

  45. Corinne & Mike Eagan

    Mike and I are delighted to see you are doing so well! We miss you! I’m looking forward to reading your book. Good for you!

    • Hello Corinne & Mike! So wonderful to hear from you both. I hope all is well with you too. Corinne, you might also enjoy my new book, which will be released in September. It’s entitled “Being Human” and is the first book in my new series, The Light Bearers. There’s more about that on my other website, http://www.sloanrawlins.com. If you guys are on Facebook, we can connect there too, if you want. Again, so wonderful to hear from you both. Many Blessings to you and all you do!

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